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Frequently Asked Questions

You can get more information about roofing services. Also, you can get help with these questions. 

There's no need to invest in a new roof because most small-scale damage can be patched up and fixed. But it is preferable to replace your entire roof if the damage affects more than 30% of it.

Inspections, general roof repairs, debris removal, gutter cleaning, and mold eradication are all part of routine roof maintenance. The best course of action is to get in touch with a reputable roofing company to find out whether your roof needs maintenance. 

The five most frequent causes of roof leaks are individuals, seam-related problems, negligence, rooftop equipment, and weather. Of course, prevention is preferable to repair. Knowing the primary offenders can help you create a plan to stop issues before they start.

Most metal roofs don't require annual deep cleaning. They require relatively little upkeep because they are so effective. Depending on your environment, we typically advise deep cleaning your roof every two to three years to keep it looking its best.